Friday, February 19, 2010

Biography of Nisha Adhikari

There is certainly not a lack of beautiful people in the Glam world of Nepal, so in order to succeed; you need to rely more than just a look, this is where Nisha Adhikari excels. She is frank, Beautiful and of course talented. Her style, acting and ravishing look has always been the biggest factor for her thriving success in the media hub. She entered in the media as a Video Junky and later expanded her career in acting. Her seductive look addicts the crowd. Here is short Biography with this one of the Beautiful and loving Pretty Girl from the Earth…….

Nisha Adhikari Born on 4th  October 1986, a true Libran, describes herself as outgoing, optimistic and a workaholic. Nisha adhikari is really Beautiful and looking So Cute with her “kothi” and her millions Smile. Her Height is  5’45’’, Weight is 50 kg and she have such a Adorable Smile and meaningless Beautyness. She Love Her Families Mom Dad, Dada, Dabbu (her Pet dog). She had Completed “A” level and Started VJ- MC Professional  at 2006 January. Her First Program is Nine to Nine then she did Indi mini Bag, Count Down Kantipur, Play it on and Some More! She is the VJ herself but she love to watch News, Different Channels, Musical Nepali Programs as her Favourite Programs. Starts her busy day planning work: who all she has to meet and what all she has to do. But While She is Free and Got Time From Programs and Suiting then She Just Love to Read the Books, hang with Her Best Close Friends, Spend time with Families and Shopping as well as. She is the really Frank and Loving girl.
She is Natural Loving Person. She love to Visit new Places for learn some new adventure and she love to hang with her Friends. Nisha Adhikari is independent girl with completed Media passionate girl bcoz of she is one completed media package girl with MC, VJ, RJ, one successful Model and now she is shining at Nepali Movie Industries as One Success and Most Pretty Charming Actress. She Love to Watch Japanese animation, she Describe her “crazy and passionate to watch Japanese Animation “.
She had Played some Music Videos of various Artist in nepali music industries. She is the one of the most talented and beautiful model in our music industries as well as. Nisha had played Sannani ko by sudip giri, timi jasto chaina koi… She have so many best and favorite singers and artist ….among them she love to listen sugam pokharel, naryan Gopal, Ciney gurung, Satya raj and Swaroop, nima Rumba, nabin k Bhattarai and endless. There is one best thing about her that is she like hema and malvika subba as model. Nisha adhikari started play movies recently in nepali movie industries so most of her fans and friends were hoping she will make better and different movies bcoz of all peoples knows that she is talented, intelligent and smart VJ as well as. Peoples are believing that she is going to give some good and really unforgettable movies in our movies industries as well as she has gave nice and good music videos and some telefilm at television. She had played a nice television comedy tele film “Gharbeti Ba” at Kantipur Channel as her Debut television cast. She had proved she can do nice acting in any kind of roles and cast as she had played “Gharbeti Ba” and some Music Videos. Her Debut Movie was mission paisa (2009) starting Nikhil upreti, the most action actress of Nepal. Mission Paisa was successful biggest hit movies of the year. She played a modern girl in mission paisa. Recently she Play the “Nainraresham ( 2010)”  a typical love story movies and she believe that this is another biggest success movie in her carrier and at the moment she is ready for her another third movie “First Love (2010)”. She is Really charming and beauty with talent so her movies will ever disappoint her fans and friends. She is being Actress herself at the present moment but she have her best actress in nepali film industries are maha Jodi, gauri malla, tripti and her most Favroite rajesh hamal.
Nisha loves to socialize with peoples. Behind Her Media Life she is the Social Works Person. She has appointment recently ambassador for the Autism care centre and She is also member of Rotary Club of Nagarjun, where she worked as Director of youth service for one year. Her major areas of interests in life are Filmmaking, International Relations, and Social Work. Nisha wishes to focus on women empowerment and upliftment in her future work.

She Love the Fashion and jeans are her all time favourite, as one can define and redefine them to suit every occasion and every season, she prefers elegant dresses for special events.
Never leaves the house without her golden cocktail ring and her mobile phones, she Love to carries more than one cell phone and deeply treasures her little diary.
In life, she likes how her career in media has turned out and how she has risen above the social stigmas of being involved in the media.

when Nisha Adhikari was 21 years old she has already won the title of Miss International Nepal 2005 and subsequently represented Nepal in Japan. For the last two and a half years, Nisha has been working as a Media personnel and she went to Pakistan to record two program serials in the Urdu language, Being crowned Miss International 2005 is something unforgettable for this charming beauty. Life is full of surprises, hurdles, challenges, goodies, happiness, resulting to different experience is the life for her. Her life is her Families, Media and herself.

Admits of turning red whenever someone catches her lying, albeit a white lie. Isn't shy about anything, except perhaps, changing in public.
If she could be someone else for a day, she'd wish to be Barack Obama. Live in the white house, meet the diplomats, attend his meetings and see for real if Obama is actually what he appears to be.
Her last meal would ideally be a platter of her favorite foods: sushi, pizza, chicken biryani, momos and cheese cake.
Her perspective of Sex is that after marriage in nepali context but she refused to tell her love life and someone special in her Beautiful life but she believe in love Marriage life. She said sex before marriage is really unacceptable due to our nepali tradition and culture. She would say it is the most natural thing: the most adored way for the continuation of human species or for any other species. It is the only way for the continuation of life in the world.She said her life partner should be indisputably understanding. In sense of career, I have my own space and he should be identified with my values. There ought to be equal expectation because it is a two way traffic. She is living Free of responsibilities life as unmarried life but she have thought that strong partner in every mode of life is the best part of marriage life in her view. She is so open for Relationship and families. She will never said her life partner should be virgin but if her life partner will do some cheat and lies she will be do some crime of end the relationship[ but at the moment she does not know about those future plans and unexpected life beings. She always refused to talk about his love relationship, first date and her personal life but she is so frank , social and soft heart person in real life.

She strongly feels that one needs to be aware about political issues simply to not be fooled. And the guests for her fantasy dinner party would include ex-king Gyanendra, Prachanda, Girija Prasad Koirala and Gagan Thapa.
She Can possibly forgive anyone who says sorry and truly means it, however, she can never give a second chance to them if they do not mean it and on top it, repeat it!
Has faith in god but believes more in the saying, 'What you do is what you get.' And asks god to give her the strength and her family the happiness when she prays.
Is very concerned about the current political situation and dejectedly says, "Politics has now become a medium to fulfill personal desires."  She love to say all of her fans, families and friends that  "Today's youth is undeniably the only hope for a better Nepal."